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Neesha Zoolinger Weekend Workshop

SAVE the DATE – MARCH 27th-29th 2020. Take time for mindful movement, self reflection, guided medtations and teachings from spiritual texts to bring more depth, meaning, joy and purpose into your life. STAY TUNED FOR MORE DETAILS- book flights those of you journeying in to join and enjoy Barbados.

IGNITE the LIGHT WITHIN February 28/29th

Discover how you can experience greater ease & a deeper sense of bliss through Kundalini Yoga, Pranayama and meditation, with guest teacher Samia Waldon(her details below workshop info) We encourage you to attend this workshop if: You are ready to attract prosperity & opportunity into your life You wish to boost your intuition to guide […]

Peter Goodman returns Jan 31st 2020 with ‘Awakening Your Intention’

Save the date for Three Workshops with popular returning Peter Goodman.  Friday evening 31st, Saturday morning 1st Feb and Sunday morning 2nd. Join all for the greatest experience! Click the flyer for more details . FRIDAY – a workshop of hip openers, seated forward bends, twists, meditation.    SATURDAY- a workshop filled with standing poses, balancing […]

With The Block – Friday 7th June

Popular guest teacher Kaitlen is here from 3rd -15th June. Join her classes at the studio daily and this workshop.  The workshop will cost $40.

Core Fusion

NEW Back Care Class

The new Back care class starts on this Monday 13th May at 9.30 a.m($30). If you have back issues, just want good protection or know someone, even if they don’t do yoga, who needs help please let them know. This class will involve  therapeutic postures, sequences and actions. All Asana( postures) will focus on detailed alignment to optimise clearing, balance flexibility […]

Today’s Classes

  • 9:30 am - Gentle Therapeutic Yoga - All levels
  • 6:00 pm - Vinyasa Flow


Offering Anusara-inspired™ yoga classes on the West Coast of Barbados.

Shining teachings of technical Principles of Alignment and artistic inspiring philosophy through dynamic and therapeutic yoga.


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